Join Trader Bow’s
2022 Spring Turkey Hunt Competition

APRIL 1 – MAY 15

Overall Winner

The Turkey with the highest combined scores based on turkey’s spurs, and beard lengths combined will be the overall winner. The contest winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to Trader Bows.

Other Prizes

In addition, each eligible participant will be entered into a raffle drawing for other great prizes to be awarded at the conclusion of the contest. Those prizes will be determined by Trader Bows based on the level of participation in the contest so register to today and get your friends to register too. The more participants the better the prizes.


1. Only birds legally harvested during the 2022 Texas North Zone spring season will be eligible.

2. Only one bird per contestant. If you submit more than one bird the best scoring bird will count.

3. Any legal archery weapon in the Texas regs may be used. No extra points for different weapons.

4. Scoring: Beard length measured to the nearest quarter inch, measured from where it attaches to the neck skin to the end of the longest hair. Multiple beards count.

Spurs length measured to the nearest quarter inch from where it attaches on leg to tip. Multiple spurs count.

5. Online form submissions to Trader Bows for this contest will be accepted until midnight on May 15, 2022. This includes any requests for improved pictures that may be made by the contest committee at Trader Bows.


1: You and the harvested bird, “Trophy Photo”, this photo is very important and must be tastefully taken. In the event of a tie this picture will be judged by contest committee to select the winner.

Spurs / Beards should be measured as pictured:

2: Each spur clearly showing measurement and 2022 harvest tag on birds leg. *** Multiple spurs count.***

3: Beard clearly showing measurement. *** Multiple beards count. ***

All pictures must contain a clear image of the complete beard and spur lengths with a tape measure for reference. Both ends of the tape measure must be visible. Beard photos with just the end visible will not be accepted for scoring. The complete beard and tape measure must be visible. A 1/4″ flexible fabric tape is recommended.

6. Photo submissions must be received by midnight May 15, 2022.

7. Tiebreakers: If there is a tie, the best harvest photo as determined by Trader Bows contest committee will decide the winner.

Please take the time to post clear photos that represent a “fair” score of your spurs and beard(s).

Have fun and be safe!

Turkey Contest Registration Form

  • Max. file size: 8 MB.

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