Are you looking for a Mathews bows for sale in Lubbock, Texas? Trader Bows is an authorized Mathews bow dealer in the heart of West Texas, featuring a complete line of the latest Mathews hunting bows, target bows, and bow accessories. Below is a list of some of the Mathews bows we have available for sale.

Hunting Bows

  • Mathews Triax
  • Mathews Vertix
  • Mathews Traverse
  • Mathews TX-5
  • Mathews Tactic
  • Mathews Avail
  • Mathews Stoke
  • Mathews Halon X
  • Mathews Monster Safari

Competition Bows

  • Mathews TRX 38
  • Mathews TRX 7
  • Mathews TRX 8
  • Mathews Traverse
  • Mathews Halon X Comp
  • Mathews Halon X
  • Mathews Conquest 4

As an authorized Mathews bow dealer in Lubbock, we’re also able to offer a Mathews bow service center for all your service needs. Each bow comes backed by a Mathews lifetime warranty, which our service center is qualified to handle should the need arise.

Additionally, we offer Mathews bow accessories, such as a variety of quivers, stabilizers, and grips. If you’re interested in Mathews Archery apparel, we offer men’s and women’s t-shirts, caps, and hoodies, as well as youth t-shirts.

We invite you to try out any of these quality Mathews bows for sale at our world-class indoor archery range in south Lubbock. To learn more about Mathews bows, come by our range and showroom at 12209 Geneva Ave, Lubbock, Texas, 79423.

Mathews Bow Dealer Lubbock TX