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Our Youth Beginner Level Archery Classes are designed for beginning archers who would like to properly learn the Archery Shot Process.  The Beginner Archery class meets for one hour per week. Each lesson will focus on a different skill and will incorporate the three pillars of learning.  First is an explanation of the skill(s) to be covered and their role in the overall Archery Shot Process. The second is a demonstration of the skill by the instructor, and the third is a drill that allows each student to practice and perfect the skills taught while being encouraged and guided by the instructor.  Our practice drills are designed to be both effective and fun. Have you ever busted a balloon with an arrow while balancing a cup on your head? It is fun and challenging at the same time. This creates a foundation for the archer, developing both strength and accuracy, as well as confidence.
We want our Academy Archers to practice whenever time allows. All enrolled students have VIP access to our range at any time at no additional charge.

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