Custom Bow Strings

At Trader Bows, we choose to use Vapor Trail to build custom bow strings for our customers.  We could build strings in house, but the truth is these days you can get a better string set faster through our partnership with Vapor Trail Custom bows trings.  Custom strings can be built delivered quickly.  Trader Bows offers Vapor Trail proprietary VTX material (see below) or BCYX54.  Vapor trail will build and ship us your strings in under 3 days guaranteed. Need them faster than that? Expedited service is available at an additional charge.
custom bow strings in lubbockvapor trail custom bow stringscustom bow strings in lubbock tx
Nothing on your bow is more important than your string set. A stable no-stretch string ensures that your cams will remain in time, draw length and poundage will remain the same, nock height will not change and your bow will be consistent from shot to shot.
Personalize your bow with a choice of colors. We can build a custom bow string set to meet your needs!
The Problem
Vapor Trail Archery was founded in 1993 by a shooter frustrated with consistency and quality of the archery the archery strings available. Peep sight alignment, which would vary each time at full draw, made precision shooting very difficult.  Changing weather conditions also create inconsistencies. Over the course of a decade, Vapor Trail has honed their string building skills and designed the perfect blend of materials to combat these common problems. In 2005, VTX Bowstring material was born.
The Solution
Vapor Twist Xtreme ( VTX ) custom bow strings and cables are the answer to inconsistency. After as few as three shots, your peep sight is done changing positions for good. This is possible through Vapor Trail’s proprietary blend of synthetic materials and in-depth manufacturing processes. We also use a combination of the best serving materials on the market.  Peep rotation, string creep and serving separation are no longer a factor…set it and forget it…guaranteed!
The Advantage Trader Bows Vapor Trail Strings Offers
Sounds too good to be true? Just ask the professionals who have been shooting Vapor Trail strings for years. They have helped Vapor Trail fine tune their strings and cables to the ultimate in performance and consistency. Imagine having consistent peep sight alignment with every single shot whether shooting in a championship round or going after the trophy of a lifetime.