Custom Bow Strings

At Trader Bows, we choose to use Vapor Trail to build custom bow strings for our customers.  We could build strings in house, but the truth is these days you can get a better string set faster through our partnership with Vapor Trail Custom bowstrings.  Now, you can have the finest custom strings available anywhere in 3 days.  Need them faster than that? Expedited service is available at an additional charge.   

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Nothing on your bow is more important than your string set. A stable no-stretch string ensures that your cams will remain in time, draw length and poundage will remain the same, nock height will not change and your bow will be consistent from shot to shot.

Personalize your bow with a choice of colors. We can build a custom bow string set to meet your needs!

Sounds too good to be true? Just ask the professionals who have been shooting Vapor Trail strings for years. They have helped Vapor Trail fine tune their strings and cables to the ultimate in performance and consistency. Imagine having consistent peep sight alignment with every single shot whether shooting in a championship round or going after the trophy of a lifetime.

Call us today at 806-281-7730 and let us show you what a custom set of strings can do for your set up.