The 2019 Trader Bows Bucks & Bulls Contest

Contest Closed December 15, 2019

The 2019 Trader Bows Bucks & Bulls Contest affords you the opportunity to win bow hunting prizes, plus Trader Bows merch & gift cards.

Entering is easy:

Just complete the form below or email a picture of your best bow hunt this season with some details about your adventure.

Many of the photos will be shared at Trader Bows Pro Shop, @TraderBows Facebook Page and online at
Winners will be chosen at the 2019 Trader Bows Christmas Party.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your hunting adventures and trophy pictures with Trader Bows. You will have a chance to win some really awesome hunting gear.

Bucks & Bulls Contest Submission Form

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Details about your 2019 bow hunt and trophy

    Garrett Lassiter, Story of the Hunt

    Was privileged to harvest this P&Y 10 earlier this week on a 640 acre low fence ranch near Snyder Tx. Had been watching this deer early season and at last got an opportunity! Was 17 degrees, NE wind about 20 MPH. Right close to sunset he came in, presented a great shot almost immediately, I drew, and right as I got anchored and started to lean into the shooting window he turned and faced me…heart pounding I waited…and waited…finally he put his head down and I leaned back slowly into the corner of the blind and let off. A few seconds later he stopped 10 yds in front of the blind facing me…my bow was up and ready, but I couldn’t move as he stared right into the window…5 min went by, 10 min, 15 min…light was fading fast…at last he slowly turned enough to present a shot. I drew, head went up again and I held my breath for what seemed like an eternity…at last, he put his head down again and I slowly leaned over and set my pin on him and released. He shot out like a rocket, my arrow buried deep in him. Then ensued the awesome heart-pounding and adrenaline surging feeling sought after by bow hunters all over!!

    He traveled about 80 yards and was a clean kill. My first P&Y was a fantastic experience and I was thankful to harvest one of God’s amazing creations to feed my family and dress up my walls!

    Thanks Trader Bows for getting my gear ready for this hunt!

    -Garrett Lassiter

    Zach Ancell, Story of the Hunt

    Two years ago we got the news that no hunter ever wants to hear. After close to 8 years of hunting the same property we were not going to be able to hunt there anymore and were without a hunting lease. This place was like a second home to me. I had poured blood and sweat into this property and didn’t know what I would do without it. We scrambled to try and find a new lease and did eventually after tons of phone calls and emails. It is a beautiful piece of property right of the bones of the White River. At the time I knew it was a good stretch of land but i didn’t have the same connection that I did with our original property. Hard feeling aside our group got to work getting ready for the up coming season. The hard work of getting a new spot hunt-able is known to everyone who manages the land. The first time I set a camera I wasn’t expecting to see anything. Again we had just gotten on here and the sting of displacement hadn’t yet gone away. That being said what I found when I pulled the chip on my camera nearly made me laugh and cry. A beautiful wide bladed buck had visited our feeder two nights before. To this day I don’t know why but he was one of the coolest and most beautiful whitetail bucks I’ve ever seen. His body was thick and I wasn’t sure his horns weren’t thicker. He ran three other young bucks off and ate as though he owned the place. I proceeded to hunt as much as I could in hopes to get a shot at this deer. However, no matter what I tried he never would come into feed when I was there. I would catch him at night but never during the day. As time went on I accepted the fact that he was not going to trip up that year. Fast forward to 2am on October 13th 2019. I caught my first picture of him again. Even bigger and even thicker than the previous year. I tried not to get my hopes up because I had seen this play out before. I hunted and practiced shooting as usually all while hoping and praying that this would be the year. I saw him quite a bit but every picture I had was after dark. During an evening hunt November 23, 2019 my luck would change. It was a pretty hot sit with the weather right at 60 degrees. To be honest we had seen deer chasing but I didn’t think I would see anything as hot as it was. I had a young buck walk out and I stared watching him eat. I had my binos on him and wasn’t paying attention to anything else. After a couple minutes I dropped them down and standing there staring at me was the bladed horned deer. Pictures didn’t do him justice on the size of his body or horns. He was a giant and he knew he controlled the area. The other young buck back away slowly and gave him his space. I always hear about buck fever but this was the first time I can honestly say it hit in full force. My heart has never pounded that fast. I tried calming my breathing and went through my check down. I ranged and took aim at about 27 yards. I let the arrow fly. It hit high but did anchor him. I was able to finish him off and harvest the buck of my dreams. The first call was the Matt and Ashley Fuston. They are the two people who I have hunted with since the beginning and the two people who are just as crazy about this sport as I am. They were there when we lost our spot and I knew it would be just as important to them as it was to me. That moment was worth the hard work and uncertainty that had followed the two years before. As a hunter, the land and animals on it are just as if not more important to me than the hunting. I am there to try manage the land properly and continue on the tradition of hunting that was giving to me. Our original property will always hold a special place in my heart. I will never forget the long days and nights spent there with the amazing people I call hunting partners. However, after this recent hunt and harvest I have found a new home and hope to make as many great memories on it that I have on the first one.

    As always thank you to Scott and the team at Trader bows for giving me the tools to be the best hunter I can be.


    Tommy Dora: $25 Winner

    Hailey Laramee: $25 Winner

    Jason Phillips: $25 Winner

    Cole Foster: $25 Winner

    Garrett Lassiter: $50 Winner

    Zach Ancell: $50 Winner

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