2020 Entries

Garrett L.

I was privileged to take this 10 down in Fluvanna…shot him just 2 yds from the deer I took last year! The dog is my friend Stephen Tisdale’s who was at the ranch with me. Though it was a cool pic with the dog (Jeager) in it. Just wanted to send him in for the contest. Took him the new arrows you guys made up for me!

Jacob N.

I was blessed to take this massive 6 point this season. He came out at about 20 yards and right as I drew back my bow and released he spun and dipped. My arrow hit him right in the throat and he ran about 20 yards and bedded down. We came back about an hour later and he had moved when we found him he was dead, didn’t run more than 20 yards! This deer is not the highest-scoring but is extremely wide! 22.5 inches! not my biggest deer, but definitely the biggest 6 points I have ever seen or taken. 

Logan T.

Looking back, elk hunts in the woods just me and my Dad will be a top 5 highlight of my life. Doing it by ourselves and camping in the woods for days and days. The highs and lows are something you think would be in a Hollywood story that you don’t believe. It is real and 100% nature at its finest. The memories of me ready to quit but not because of the determination of my Dad is something you can’t make up. There is nothing like it and I am so glad I get to experience it with him.

Matt P.

My biggest archery buck so far. Spooked him last week but this morning the VXR put him down

Clint H.

We scouted Deer on ranch and saw a few we liked. We ended up in a blind the next morning waiting to see what actually came out. Didn’t see “the one “so we scouted some more and went to different blind that evening. Finally saw the one I wanted and got the shot!


Three years ago I started my quest for an archery bull elk or even a mature cow in Colorado with an OTC tag. I had several encounters over the years but didn’t have a shot to take. I learned a lot about elk hunting from 2 really good buddies while out in the mountains. I also learned many valuable lessons from mistakes I made during our hunt. This year I got the opportunity to hunt the Floyd Lee Ranch in New Mexico.
After 6 days of hiking and 73 miles later with multiple stalks, and a variety of rain, snow, sleet, and wind in our face, it was down to the last afternoon hunt.
I let arrow fly hitting him a little far back, but still a good shot. The whole herd took off running through the woods, but we heard a crash and hoped it was him. We walked to the spot he was standing and there was great blood.  We tracked him less than 150 yards and found him piled up as I had double lunged him. It was truly an amazing experience on the last day the last few hours of the hunt, we made it happen! 

Mason M.

I had been hunting all week for a buck, saw several really big ones that never gave me a shot or were too far away. Finally, on the morning of the last day of season this old buck popped up in this field and I was able to get a shot on him! This buck is so unique how his main beam swoops up at the end and he also has a point in between his two main antlers.

Mason M.

I had been watching this buck for about a week. After going to hunt him three different times, he finally showed up, but he stayed out at around 93 yards. Just when I was getting ready to pack up and leave he started running in after a doe and stopped at 22 yards. Giving me the perfect broadside shot, so I took the shot and he dropped. 

Hawks H.

My first CO archery mule deer! It was the first day of my hunt and I headed up “The Mesa” with my fiancé Hailey to attempt to locate a buck before dark. As luck would have it, we ran smack into this big, unique buck. After a less than ideal first shot, I was able to get a follow up shot in him to seal the deal!

Matt R.

Harvesting this buck with a bow has been my greatest hunting accomplishment and from here on out I will always choose to hunt with a bow over a rifle. This deer could’ve been harvested 3 to 4 times earlier in the year if I had chosen to use a rifle, but using a bow makes the challenge even more challenging and makes the reward even that more rewarding.

Clancy F.

This was an older buck that always fed well but never forked. I  thought it was a good idea to take him from the herd, and he’s a trophy in his own right. 28 1/8″ spread, 25 4/8″ beams, 15 1/8″ G2s. I used my old Hoyt Maxxis 31 (my only bow), some Victory RIP XV purchased from you guys, as well as the 100 grain Trypan. The shot was 20 yards, quartering at me. I snuck the arrow in the left side of his chest and took out both lungs and a small part of the heart. He went 25 yards and expired quickly.

Hawks H.

On opening day of TX rifle season, I decided to take a bow to a gun fight! As the sun rose, deer began to meander in to the feed, and through the fog I caught a glimpse of a tall rack headed straight towards me. I quickly grabbed my bow, knowing it was the 7.5 year old buck I was after. As he presented me with a 25 yard shot, I drew my bow and made the shot count!

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